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       In this time of increasing concern about depleting energy reserves, foreign energy dependence, and rising energy costs, we as a nation are turning to developments in affordable, sustainable and renewable energy sources to provide for our energy needs. However, we recognize much work is still needed to make many of these renewable energy sources affordable and available to the masses. In order to make these developments a reality in the lives of everyday citizens, we must educate the community about renewable energy options and help them understand not just how to be energy consumers but to designers and innovators. This means educating teachers and students on all levels about renewable energy.


       The Energy Diamonds Corporation is committed to providing quality renewable energy educational training and STEAM (Science, Technology, Alis and Math) enrichment programs for youth to increase their awareness and provide a career path in STEAM and Sustainability. We will provide Students with opportunities to be instructed and mentored by industry professional which can lead to internship and scholarships.


       The Energy Diamonds Corporation also organizes field trips to several renewable energy sites in the state of NJ to provide teachers and students educational opportunities outside the classroom where they can learn about the exciting usage of renewable energy technologies in local building structures across the country. 

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